CDCD Leadership Durham History

Leadership Durham is what is known as a “Community Leadership Program” or CLP.  Originating in the United States, CLP’s operate under the premise that leaders are not simply born within a community, but have to be developed.
These programs provide education and leadership training with a focus on community, and help connect professionals from across sectors.  Each CLP is unique, however they always include topics that are relevant to personal growth and community development.
In 2016, CDCD undertook a process which included community and stakeholder engagement to determine what a Durham CLP would look like.  After receiving a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to develop a curriculum, the first Leadership Durham cohort took place in 2017 with 10 participants from across Durham.
To date, Leadership Durham has completed 4 cohorts, graduated over 50 local professionals, and contributed to 12 projects to support Non-Profit organizations.